Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I just love rings. I really do. If I could I would wear a ring on every finger. But maybe that's a bit of an overdose. I also do like the new trend of rings with chains that connect to a bracelet or another ring. Yes I know I'm so technical. 


Jacey Withers Feather Ring - $198.09
Marble Spinning Ring by Minkpink - $34
Lola Rose Blue Sandstone Skylar Ring - $217.26
Evil Eye Hand Comb by Low Luv - $109
House Of Harlow 1960 Long Arrow Ring - $119.81
River Island Cobra Ring -$12.76
ASOS Pirate Ship Ring - $9.59
ASOS Double Finger Sausage Dog Ring - $12.78

As you can see I particularly like this Evil Eye Hand Comb that I found whilst browsing Market HQ. The piece is actually from US model Erin Wasson's Low Luv collection, so you know its definitely in line with current fashion trends. Same goes with the House of Harlow piece. I think all of Nicole's pieces are amazing. 


  1. That sausage dog ring is adorable. Great picks.



  2. It is isn't it!! So fun. Only just discovered your blog, Love it!! x


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