Friday, September 23, 2011

Windsor Smith: Simple maths = shoe lust

All through school you often question 'am I really going to use this maths in my everyday life' well yes Hollee yes you are. After getting some inspiration from Margaret over at shine by three and her latest post I thought I'd do a kind of fashion mathematics post. Ohh my university maths lecturer would be so proud if he could see me right now.

Siren -Deco Purple ($139.95)
KG Hot Strappy Platform Sandals ($223.65)
Windsor Smith - Hana Green/Purple ($139.95)

I absolutely love these Windsor Smith shoes. I don't think I can even count the number of times I have been near a shoe shop and had to stop to look at these puppies. Then have to use a tremendous amount of will power to leave the shop without two new pairs of shoes. Yeah I know right props to me!

Diavolina - Milo Orange ($179.95)
Windsor Smith - Kaos Fuchsia ($149.95)
Windsor Smith - Hana Orange/Fuchsia ($139.95)

I get the feeling that its not going to work their way into my shoe collection soon enough. It's kind of one of those things that's just inevitable, but that's okay. I just can't decide which ones I like better. And I guess the moral of this post is that yes, in fact, mathematics is useful in fashion, so you should listen to your teacher (yes I say that also because I am going to be one). 


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  1. Just came across your blog! Really enjoyed this post!

    Shoe math <3



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