This is just a place for me to document three of my favourite things. Do It Yourself, Fashion and cooking. 

Scissors: I have always been a fan of arts and crafts so DIY is one of my favourite things to pass the time with. I often find myself looking at things thinking "I could do that"

Shoes:I am one of those ridiculously tall people. However I've come to the conclusion that this is probably a good thing for my bank account. If I were shorter, shoes, I would buy shoes ALL the time. I currently own 9 pairs of boots and still don't consider it enough and over 50 pairs of shoes and still have no intention of reigning myself in any time soon. My main problem is where to store them all!!

Spoons: Cooking has now become one of my favourite things to do to relax. My dream is to live in a house with a massive kitchen and an island bench in it one day. It has to have an island bench. 

Hollee xx