Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A little ray of sunshine.

The beautiful Sydney weather we have been experiencing this past few weeks (yes summer is a coming)has inspired a post about all things yellow. Not mellow yellow. Spring is in full bloom. Yellow has been making a big impact at all the recent fashion week festivities. Think bright and beautiful.

ASOS Contrast Duffle Bag - $39.94
KG Elizabeth platform court shoe - $223.65
Sessun Reyna Wool Cape with Hood - $319.50
ASOS Premium Sequin Collar - $39.95
ASOS Yellow Chunky Rope Bracelet - $15.98
Les Nereides Double La Diamantine Ring (ASOS) - RRP $103.84 
OPI Need Sunglasses Nail Lacquer - $19.95
O'Clock Silicon Watch - $47.93
Cheap Monday Narrow Moss Ice Jeans - $90.00

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