Monday, September 12, 2011

Scissors: Inspiration and projects

Over the weekend, I guess partly because I didn't have my laptop my mum and I finally got around to cleaning our the spare room and turning it into my craft room (pictures to follow). I'm really happy with how it turned out, all my craft and DIY supplies are nicely organised in the cupboard and the sewing machine is now easily accessible and not in the corner somewhere. 

Anyway this new craft room has finally allowed me a space all of my own to carry out my projects. So in honor of that I thought I'd show you some of my upcoming projects. 

I found  the top two inspirations in a folder from my old computer called ideas, I guess I've always had a DIY mind, so I'm not sure who to credit them too. They are  Both pretty simple DIYs its just a matter of me getting the things I need to do them. Im thinking for the shirt I will make it a combination of sewing on the tulle for the skirt and using fabric paint to paint the legs. 

The bottom two inspirations are both projects I've seen some of my favourite bloggers do. Ages ago I found this awesome jumper from a  thrift store, its a qwirky green and black pattern, problem was that it had a really high neck and when I wore it I felt like it was strangling me. I had thought of cutting it into a V-neck but wasn't 100% sure thats what I wanted to do but then I saw how lionstigersandfashionohmy made one of her jumpers into a cardigan, um genius idea in my opinion!

As you already know my laptop went in over the weekend to get repaired (I got it back today and they replaced the harddrive and transferred all everything from my old harddrive to the new one, I was over the moon I didnt have to back it up myself) so I thought maybe my laptop deserved some TLC. I saw this tutorial on sweet verbena a little while back, and now its just a matter of going to spotlight to get some leather to do it. 

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