Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year

I thought I'd get in early. So Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have an amazing night tonight and it's all you hoped it to be. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spoons: Christmas desserts

This is just a little peek at the desserts me and my mum made for our second Christmas family dinner this week. Cinnamon scrolls and berry meringue layer cake. We spent the whole of boxing day baking and making (being at my nans in the country meant no Boxing Day sales). I'd made the scrolls before but the layer cake was a first try. They both tasted amazing! I'm actually eating one of the last scrolls now with a cup of apple tea whilst watching pleasantville. Pretty good hey.

I'll post the recipes. One tomorrow and one next week. When you see how easy it is you'll make it straight away!

Did you make anything yummy for Christmas?


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. Happy holiday. I hope you, your family and friends have or are having a wonderful day depending on where you are. We are at my nans, opened presents had pancakes for breakfast then opened some more presents. And looking forward to nannas roast lamb and lemon meringue tonight. Then headed for a belated Christmas dinner with the cousins in a few days.

Merry Christmas to all!! Big hugs.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday season

Yesterday we took the long drive to celebrate Christmas with the family. Seven hours of winding roads and country side stretching along side coupled with my brand new iPhone 4s meant that instagram got a but of a workout.

For those of you that follow me on instagram you would have seen all my photos. But here's a few of my faves.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family. I hope you have a relaxing holiday season.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Wishlist for the home.

1. Made by Girl Gold Love print by Jen Ramos
2. Kenwood Patissier Mixer ($329)
3. Fred teacupcakes ($29.95)
4. Head Chef Silicon Measuring Spoon ($12.95)
5. Wedgwood Golden Bird Small Bowl  
6. Gold Glasses One King's Lane 
7. 100 ideas book from sportsgirl
8. Glasshouse candle from Peter Alexander
9.Jen Ramos Cocoa and Hearts painting

I've wanted to have a Jen Ramos piece in my house, but I need to do a bit of de-cluttering on my walls first so it can have somewhere to live. And who wouldn't want to make teacupcakes. I wasn't intentionally going for everything in shades of purple and gold but after the first few it just kind of happened. I guess it makes sense though because my room is decorated in gold and purple. 


A little bit of our Christmas decorations for the year. Happy Holidays! I love this time of year.  


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letters to Haiti

I think that some people just have so much good in their soul that they are bound for greatness. I believe that Coco Rocha is one of those people. When she first saw the reports devastation in Haiti right after it happened on the news she remembers "sitting in an airport telling James (her husband) we had to do something to help" and that's just what she did. She partnered up with LakayPAM a non profit organisation that provides orphans in Haiti with shelter, food, medical care and education. After beginning 'letters to Haiti' Coco and Behati Prinsloo along with Coco's Husband took the trip to Haiti to meet the Orphans that they had worked so hard for. The rest of the story you can hear from Coco in the documentary, which is beautiful, do yourself a favor and press play.

If you only watch one youtube video today, or this week or this month, it should be Coco's 'Letters to Haiti'

Coco, Behati and other models including Karlie Kloss all showed up last night to premier the film and display Behati's amazing photography from the trip that were put up for silent auction 

There are more photos like this on Coco's tumblr and if you happen to be living under a rock with no internet connection you should also check out Coco's twitter and

Be great xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shower and shoes.

I've been a terrible blogger lately I know. I'm sorry I've been a buzy little bee. But that's no excuse. I have a gift guide planned for tomorrow, so you can look forward to that. Until then here's a little something to tie you over.

These are from Jewelry Designer, Jennifer Fisher's  New York apartment via The Coveteur do yourself a favour and go and check out the rest of the images. She is one stylish chick, of her wardrobe she says 

"I built this closet around my shower so that I could multi-task…get clean and pick out an outfit at once! I love being able to see everything. Two kids leaves me little time to think about what to wear, so this helps."

I personally cannot thing of anything more perfect than this. And being the organisation happy girl I am I love the neatness and organisation of her wardrobe. It would have to be organised in front of your shower though. Please can I have this. 

I promise I'll be back tomorrow. 

Hollee x

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MoulinFrock and Recreational Boutique

MoulinFrock is one of my main go to blogs, so naturally I saw her recent giveaway post and decided to enter. Then last week I was scrolling through my facebook news feed (on the way to watch Breaking Dawn with my mamma) and there it was: 

MoulinFrock: Congratulations to Hollee Mckay, the winner of the RECREATIONAL giveaway! Thank you to everybody who entered - don't worry, there'll be another giveaway up next week! x

 Yep, so I was pretty excited, I think the phrase "I've never won 
anything like this before" was in there somewhere. I was the lucky winner of a beautiful Recreational Botique necklace. Recreational makes amazing limited hand cast jewellery for both guys and girls. I'm so glad that Sophia has introduces me to them. 

My lovely little package:

Check out the Recreational Botique facebook to see some more of their lovely creations like these:

Do make sure to check out the Recreational range my personal fav would have to be the boxing gloves or vampire teeth what about you? 

Also do yourself a favor and check out Moulin Frock you may even find yourself being the lucky winner of her current giveaway (Featuring some Calvin Klein). And either way you'll definitely find yourself enjoying what you see, I know I do.

Uber thanks to Sophia, for the wonderful necklace, and just for being amazing in general. 


p.s. Winner winner chicken dinner. (Sorry I just had to get that in somewhere)

Monday, November 21, 2011

L☮ve Unique

So I'm back from the land of university now. Three, almost four moths until I have to go back there. Don't get me wrong Prac was amazing, My little kindy class was beautiful!

Anyway now to the point of this pretty little post. I found out about Lve Unique because a friend of a friends cousin is actually one of the the designer for the brand. The girls actually had a launch party last week. I think the whole range just screams summer, don't you? I myself am a massive fan of capes, so this collection, to me, is amazing! 

All images from Love Unique
To order any of these beautiful (reasonably priced) lovelies just head over to their website and have a browse. Trust me you won't regret it, Your bank account may eventually do so, but you wont. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rock to the rhythm, and bop to the beat of the radio

If you read my previous post you would be well aware of my obsession with Kings of Leon and my uber exciting attendance at their concert last weekend. Its kind of bad when my best friend and I really love the same thing, because we egg each other on and it becomes an obsession kind of thing. Which leads us to lining up for 7hours so we can be on the barrier closest to the stage. Anyway the concert was amazeballs. The boys blew my expectations, and those expectations were set pretty high I might add. 

Also pretty exciting was the opportunity to rock my own cut off vintage levis and rock T look(nowhere near as exciting as seeing the boys live)


I highly recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance. I do believe you will not regret it if you do!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rock chick

I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty excited to be going to the Kings of Leon concert tomorrow night with my two best friends. So excited in fact that we are planning on going pretty early to line up so we can get an awesome position. So in running with the rock chick theme I trolled tumblr to find my favourite band T pics. 



I'm so excited. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Office

I have this  kind of love affair with the idea of a home office. It seems that a lot the things I like on tumblr have something to do with home offices (or DIY). I don't know what it is, maybe because most of them are so organised and thats very appealing to me or maybe its because the idea of a home office kind of means being your own boss. Whatever it is I love them! These are some of my favourite home offices I've found whilst rolling through tumblr's home office tag

I can see a DIY calender potential on the wall there 

I particularly love the idea of the home office that is hidden or folds up nice and neatly into a cupboard or wardrobe. In fact just like these ones:

Which ones your favorite? Or do you have another favourite I haven't posted yet?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY inspiration - Cut out shirt

So I've been loving the cut-out shirt craze that has been going around lately. I've seen a couple of DIY's (and decided to do one 10mins before I was going out one day)and I really want to give it a proper go. 

I'm on prac at the moment, teaching in a Kindy class, so DIY has kind of taken a backseat to painting and lesson planning. Oh lesson planning. Tomorrow we are reading a factual book about birds and making peacock feathers for art. So I've spent the afternoon drawing a peacock. I shall show you a picture when it's finished! 

Anyway I picked up this really awesome turquoise shirt from this new Salvos I found the other day, and I am making time to do this DIY this weekend. No matter what. So keep an eye out! 


p.s. Which cut out style do you like best? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

C is for cookie.

Is good enough for me.

It was my dad's birthday today so I made him these cookie monster cupcakes. I was uber uber happy with them and they weren't overly hard to make, just a little fiddley. Hope your having a lovely weekend. 


p.s. why is one of them smaller than the rest of them, it wont go the same size?