Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inspiration: Jordan of Oh Happy Day!

One of the main influences on me actually deciding to start this blog after thinking about it for a little while was me discovering Oh Happy Day! Jordan the lady that runs this site in my opinion is amazing. After seeing one of her pinata DIYs on pin-interest I found myself sitting at my laptop going over every single post this lady has ever made!! 

I found the website in the week before my best friends Ilsa's 21st birthday party. In the next week after finding the website I completed 3 of Jordan's DIYs for Ilsa's party. 

The pinata was probably the most time consuming and I ambitiously decided to make a large 21 and have an intricate colour scheme going on. It also saddened me a bit that after all my hard work it was just going to be "smashed the shit out of" But boy did we have fun doing that!! 

Me with the pinata 

We had already wanted to do a photo booth at the party just for fun cos we have always loved taking photos but when I found Jordan's photbooth props it just cemented the idea!! The booth was a hit at the party that's for sure, and I also think it will be a great memory for Ils. 

I even came up with the idea to have Ilsa over earlier in the week and take photo booth photos on our own and then I turned the photos into a present for her (along with a Kings of Leon shirt). We had to put Ils on a piece of wood cos shes a shorty and at one stage she fell off and almost ended up with a stump of wood in places it shouldn't be. 

And the third DIY was a simple popout card tutorial. For some reason I have always struggeled with the concept of pop up cards but Ilsa and I always give each other very creative cards so finding this tutorial was amazing! I forgot to take a photo of the card before I gave it to her(pretty much because I was working on it right until the minute she came to pick me up to go to the hotel the day of her party) so I'll just show you the card she gave me this year instead.  

We like Kings of Leon incase you didn't notice

The main point of this is not only to show you Jordan's site but also to thank her for being such an amazing source of inspiration for me!! 

Hollee xx

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