Thursday, November 24, 2011

MoulinFrock and Recreational Boutique

MoulinFrock is one of my main go to blogs, so naturally I saw her recent giveaway post and decided to enter. Then last week I was scrolling through my facebook news feed (on the way to watch Breaking Dawn with my mamma) and there it was: 

MoulinFrock: Congratulations to Hollee Mckay, the winner of the RECREATIONAL giveaway! Thank you to everybody who entered - don't worry, there'll be another giveaway up next week! x

 Yep, so I was pretty excited, I think the phrase "I've never won 
anything like this before" was in there somewhere. I was the lucky winner of a beautiful Recreational Botique necklace. Recreational makes amazing limited hand cast jewellery for both guys and girls. I'm so glad that Sophia has introduces me to them. 

My lovely little package:

Check out the Recreational Botique facebook to see some more of their lovely creations like these:

Do make sure to check out the Recreational range my personal fav would have to be the boxing gloves or vampire teeth what about you? 

Also do yourself a favor and check out Moulin Frock you may even find yourself being the lucky winner of her current giveaway (Featuring some Calvin Klein). And either way you'll definitely find yourself enjoying what you see, I know I do.

Uber thanks to Sophia, for the wonderful necklace, and just for being amazing in general. 


p.s. Winner winner chicken dinner. (Sorry I just had to get that in somewhere)

Monday, November 21, 2011

L☮ve Unique

So I'm back from the land of university now. Three, almost four moths until I have to go back there. Don't get me wrong Prac was amazing, My little kindy class was beautiful!

Anyway now to the point of this pretty little post. I found out about Lve Unique because a friend of a friends cousin is actually one of the the designer for the brand. The girls actually had a launch party last week. I think the whole range just screams summer, don't you? I myself am a massive fan of capes, so this collection, to me, is amazing! 

All images from Love Unique
To order any of these beautiful (reasonably priced) lovelies just head over to their website and have a browse. Trust me you won't regret it, Your bank account may eventually do so, but you wont. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rock to the rhythm, and bop to the beat of the radio

If you read my previous post you would be well aware of my obsession with Kings of Leon and my uber exciting attendance at their concert last weekend. Its kind of bad when my best friend and I really love the same thing, because we egg each other on and it becomes an obsession kind of thing. Which leads us to lining up for 7hours so we can be on the barrier closest to the stage. Anyway the concert was amazeballs. The boys blew my expectations, and those expectations were set pretty high I might add. 

Also pretty exciting was the opportunity to rock my own cut off vintage levis and rock T look(nowhere near as exciting as seeing the boys live)


I highly recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance. I do believe you will not regret it if you do!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rock chick

I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty excited to be going to the Kings of Leon concert tomorrow night with my two best friends. So excited in fact that we are planning on going pretty early to line up so we can get an awesome position. So in running with the rock chick theme I trolled tumblr to find my favourite band T pics. 



I'm so excited.