Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoes: I like to think of it as a collection, not an addiction.

One thing you'll learn about me pretty quickly is that shoes are one of my great weaknesses. Another thing you'll learn is that I am not at all challenged in the height department. So when you put these two things together it results me having what I like to call a collection (not an addiction)of shoes. Lots of shoes. I have a particular weakness for heels, but as my two best friends are... well kind of challenged in the height department I never really get the chance to wear all my heels. I think the phrase "I will not buy another pair of boots until next season" has been muttered numerous times before a shopping exposition only to return home with more boots. So my boots always start out nicely lined up against the wall next to my wardrobe but quickly end up like this (avert your eyes to the picture below). 

So my grand idea to fix it was to construct a kind of floating shelve to put my boots and heels on so they were still on display, but not just thrown all over the floor. One of the worst things, for my bank account, about where I live is the fact that it's only ten minutes from ikea. So I headed there for the sole purpose of buying these floating shelves. They were $20 each and I wanted 2 at the most. So long story short, I leave ikea an hour later and $200 lacking in my bank account. But in saying this I am uber happy with the result and my shoe storage or display, yeah I like to call it more of a display. 

Having an ikea so close to me means that I am now an expert flat pack put-together-er (yes for the purpose of this post that is a word). So I sat down armed with my allen key, some hommus and carrot sticks and some recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians and pretty much dominated the assembling of this little shelving unit.  
My little display (the basket has scarfs in it)


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