Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoes: Fashions Night Out Sydney

On thursday night after some last minute dinner cancellations and a split second decision it was off to Vogues FNO. Well that was after a quick trip to toshiba to hand over my laptop for repairs (I know I cried a little inside when I handed it over). I was lucky enough to spend the night with my beautiful friend from uni Megan. She had a bit of a fangirl moment when she saw Hayden from Masterchef giggling and all. After that I took her for her first Zara experience, and lost her pretty quickly in there.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself as I controlled my spending and stuck to my budget, not so proud of myself because I was so excited to be there that I forgot to take many photos oops. We were also treated to free manicures in Sportsgirl which was lovely!

Megan on the way in

Megan with Hayden from Masterchef

My favourite thing.

No wait this is my favourite thing. Shoes

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