Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Office

I have this  kind of love affair with the idea of a home office. It seems that a lot the things I like on tumblr have something to do with home offices (or DIY). I don't know what it is, maybe because most of them are so organised and thats very appealing to me or maybe its because the idea of a home office kind of means being your own boss. Whatever it is I love them! These are some of my favourite home offices I've found whilst rolling through tumblr's home office tag

I can see a DIY calender potential on the wall there 

I particularly love the idea of the home office that is hidden or folds up nice and neatly into a cupboard or wardrobe. In fact just like these ones:

Which ones your favorite? Or do you have another favourite I haven't posted yet?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY inspiration - Cut out shirt

So I've been loving the cut-out shirt craze that has been going around lately. I've seen a couple of DIY's (and decided to do one 10mins before I was going out one day)and I really want to give it a proper go. 

I'm on prac at the moment, teaching in a Kindy class, so DIY has kind of taken a backseat to painting and lesson planning. Oh lesson planning. Tomorrow we are reading a factual book about birds and making peacock feathers for art. So I've spent the afternoon drawing a peacock. I shall show you a picture when it's finished! 

Anyway I picked up this really awesome turquoise shirt from this new Salvos I found the other day, and I am making time to do this DIY this weekend. No matter what. So keep an eye out! 


p.s. Which cut out style do you like best? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

C is for cookie.

Is good enough for me.

It was my dad's birthday today so I made him these cookie monster cupcakes. I was uber uber happy with them and they weren't overly hard to make, just a little fiddley. Hope your having a lovely weekend. 


p.s. why is one of them smaller than the rest of them, it wont go the same size?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Childhood innocence

I couldn't not share this with you. I'll set the scene for you first. 

At the moment I'm looking to get a rabbit or maybe two. I've only ever really had fish as pets (which hasn't always gone that well) so this is kind of a big deal. My mum works at a pre-school and was talking to some of the kids about weather I should get a rabbit or not. Long story short this ended up being a full lesson about weather I should get a rabbit and the pros and cons they think should be thought about. And so yesterday my mum bought this home for me. 

Maybe I will want an ipad? Also I can't believe that 20 pre-schoolers came up with more cons than pros for getting a bunny rabbit. Can you?


p.s. sorry about the photo quality its from my phone, but I just had to share this. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beginning Boutique

I'm Loving the models and photos from Beginning Boutique that have been popping up all around the place. I know I'm probably a bit behind with a blog post with these lookbook photos but there just so gorgeous! The photos make me sad that my best friend is leaving me for 6 months to go to america. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Disco Pony: Never saving your special things

When I first saw the giveaway on Natalie's blog (Natalie Off Duty) I was instantly in love. In my opinion there is nothing that can make you feel more pretty and girly than a whole lot of sparkle expertly executed in the form of a dress. The second I saw the dress I flew straight over to Zoey's blog and then her twitter, not because you had to for a chance at the giveaway but because I genuinely wanted to tell this girl how much I loved this dress. So with a quick @ mention away fluttered my bird carrying my message. I do believe "I just want to live in it" is was included there. And how could you not. Although it is a spectacular dress and there is that temptation to keep it for special occasions, after reading Zoey's about me (which you should read cos its beautiful)that temptation was quickly squashed. And so brings me to the point of this post. The many stylings of the Disco Pony Natalie dress. And yes, yes I have named each style. 

The Taylor swift
Something about glitter just screamed Taylor Swift concert to me. So here it is. This look is great because it also makes the dress suitable for a casual occasion. 

Shoes KG Enautre - bag, Lulu Guinness (both on ASOS)

Glitter and New years are almost synonymous sometimes like new years and tears. But that's a story for another time. 

The Rock Chick
Jacket, Sassy Rider - Shoes, converse - Ring, ASOS - Nail polish, OPI - Sunglasses, Ray Ban

A little bit of black never hurt anyone. Perfect for a concert or even casual date night. 

The disco (Pony) Ball
Shoes, Converse - Bag, Antik Batik - Nail polish, OPI
For the more adventurous of you out there willing to go the whole way with the sequins. How cute are the converse by the way!

The dreaming 
Glasses, Chanel - Ring, YSL - Shoes, Louboutin - Bag, Louis Vuitton
'Cause I'd have all the money in the world if i was a wealthy girl'

The Casual 
Jacket, Topshop - Boots, ASOS - Bag, Bracelet, Ring, H&M
Because why wouldn't you want to wear this dress all the time.

Okay so maybe I got a little bit carried away with Natalie's question 'how would you style the dress?' but it's just so pretty. All photos of the dress belong to Disco Pony and more can be found on Zoey's facebook page 

May the sequins be with you! 
Hollee xx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Procrastination nation

EVIL TWIN - The Righteous-Few-tunic - $158

Inspiration for this weekends DIY project. Went to the thrift store the other day and got some nice shirts to try this out on. I will make sure to post about it before next week. I have been meaning to do the whole cut out shoulder thing on a shirt for a long time but haven't got round to it because of uni or other things. I did it the other day on a t-shirt in about 10 minutes because I decided that's what I wanted to wear whilst my best friend was on the way to pick me up. 

Also made some yummy vanilla and passionfruit cupcakes yesterday here is a sneak peek. I shall post the recipe and more photos later this week when I have finished this yucky assignment. 

Well I best get back to this assignment. Be sure to keep an eye out for this DIY and recipe in the next couple of days

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prac outfits

I have prac coming up towards the end of this month. I'm so excited to actually get into the classroom and start teaching. It will be such a good experience. So another thing that I'm really excited about is new outfits for prac. And what could be better than shopping in the comfort of your own home. Que ASOS, maybe one of the greatest things in the online world. Obviously I will be dressing in clothing other than those purchased from ASOS but here is my top three outfits a la ASOS. 

Pretty in Pink.

A black heartbeat.

Dress down friday.

Every single item can be purchased on so go on, get shopping!

I've come to terms with the fact that its probably not a good idea for me to teach kindergarten children whilst wearing high heels but for the purpose of this post lets just pretend I'm a shortie. So what do you think? Will I look like a teacher?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inspiration: Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl

These days bloggers are inspiring me so much. In all areas, fashion, DIY and home design. One of my all time favorite bloggers Jen of Made by Girl, who is a constant source of inspiration, recently posted about her newly installed DIY floating shelves. I think these shelves are an awesome idea and I have the perfect place for them. We have a old side board in our dining / lounge room that I'm thinking of replacing. Don't get me wrong I'm all for antiques but this piece is a bit old and rustic for the theme of the room.    

Jens Floating Shelves 

I've searched all over the internet and did stumble across some other ideas but could not find anything that appealed to me as much as Jens design. The fact that shes used ikea products is an added bonus. Anything ikea is a win for me. 

Some other ideas:

I must admit though for the first couple of weeks after finding MadeByGirl I thought it was Made by IT Girl for some reason. Glad I got that one sorted out. Jen's Blog is an amazing source of interior design inspiration among other thing.  Just looking at the pictures she share of her house I can't help but that that that is the way I want to decorate when I get my own home. I have to say though one thing that makes me incredibly envious of this girl, apart from her awesome blog, her amazing creativity and her cool house has to be her master closet. Do yourself a favor and go and have a look it is truly amazing!  

Jen's House, see more on Made by Girl

Jen is also an amazing artist (Yeah I know how much talent can one girl have right)and you can see some of her artwork above in her own home. Check out Cocoa and Hearts and to see and purchase (cos you will want to once you've seen it, trust me)her amazing stuff. 

Made By Girl and Cocoa and Hearts artworks. 

Jen recently tweeted about another person who was selling prints which were basically exact copies of Jen's work. I'm not going to link you to the etsy shop or even mention the shops name because I don't want to justify what the person is doing or give them more publicity. I can understand why you would want to copy Jen's work because it is amazing, but obviously what this person is doing is wrong and to prove it you should go and buy the art from Jen and not copycats.

 So thanks Jen for doing what you do. And Keep on doing it!!

P.S. Jen just started following me on twitter, yes maybe I had a little bit of a fan girl moment