Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Office

I have this  kind of love affair with the idea of a home office. It seems that a lot the things I like on tumblr have something to do with home offices (or DIY). I don't know what it is, maybe because most of them are so organised and thats very appealing to me or maybe its because the idea of a home office kind of means being your own boss. Whatever it is I love them! These are some of my favourite home offices I've found whilst rolling through tumblr's home office tag

I can see a DIY calender potential on the wall there 

I particularly love the idea of the home office that is hidden or folds up nice and neatly into a cupboard or wardrobe. In fact just like these ones:

Which ones your favorite? Or do you have another favourite I haven't posted yet?


  1. love the ideas!! i SO need a overhaul on the home office.

  2. I just redecorated my dorm yesterday and love all the ideas!
    The colour is so uplifting!

  3. I love the all white pretty.

    xo erica


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