Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY inspiration - Cut out shirt

So I've been loving the cut-out shirt craze that has been going around lately. I've seen a couple of DIY's (and decided to do one 10mins before I was going out one day)and I really want to give it a proper go. 

I'm on prac at the moment, teaching in a Kindy class, so DIY has kind of taken a backseat to painting and lesson planning. Oh lesson planning. Tomorrow we are reading a factual book about birds and making peacock feathers for art. So I've spent the afternoon drawing a peacock. I shall show you a picture when it's finished! 

Anyway I picked up this really awesome turquoise shirt from this new Salvos I found the other day, and I am making time to do this DIY this weekend. No matter what. So keep an eye out! 


p.s. Which cut out style do you like best? 

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  1. I've done a DIY for shoulder cutouts. It's really fun and easy. I loved the final look of it. :)



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