Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letters to Haiti

I think that some people just have so much good in their soul that they are bound for greatness. I believe that Coco Rocha is one of those people. When she first saw the reports devastation in Haiti right after it happened on the news she remembers "sitting in an airport telling James (her husband) we had to do something to help" and that's just what she did. She partnered up with LakayPAM a non profit organisation that provides orphans in Haiti with shelter, food, medical care and education. After beginning 'letters to Haiti' Coco and Behati Prinsloo along with Coco's Husband took the trip to Haiti to meet the Orphans that they had worked so hard for. The rest of the story you can hear from Coco in the documentary, which is beautiful, do yourself a favor and press play.

If you only watch one youtube video today, or this week or this month, it should be Coco's 'Letters to Haiti'

Coco, Behati and other models including Karlie Kloss all showed up last night to premier the film and display Behati's amazing photography from the trip that were put up for silent auction 

There are more photos like this on Coco's tumblr and if you happen to be living under a rock with no internet connection you should also check out Coco's twitter and

Be great xx

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