Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shower and shoes.

I've been a terrible blogger lately I know. I'm sorry I've been a buzy little bee. But that's no excuse. I have a gift guide planned for tomorrow, so you can look forward to that. Until then here's a little something to tie you over.

These are from Jewelry Designer, Jennifer Fisher's  New York apartment via The Coveteur do yourself a favour and go and check out the rest of the images. She is one stylish chick, of her wardrobe she says 

"I built this closet around my shower so that I could multi-task…get clean and pick out an outfit at once! I love being able to see everything. Two kids leaves me little time to think about what to wear, so this helps."

I personally cannot thing of anything more perfect than this. And being the organisation happy girl I am I love the neatness and organisation of her wardrobe. It would have to be organised in front of your shower though. Please can I have this. 

I promise I'll be back tomorrow. 

Hollee x

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