Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love paper

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How gorgeous are these Valentines day cards from the lovely Our Paper Shop. I think that a card like this makes the perfect present not only for your partner (maybe to go with something cute) but also for single friends just to make them feel loved on the day too. What I love almost more then the paper is how the girls do a full scale photos shoot with the cards. The way they photograph the cards is amazing. 

Our Paper Shop is the collaboration of bloggers Emmadime and Moxee and produces some amazing stationery, stamps and cards. I highly recommend you check out both the girls blogs and head over to our paper shop and prepare to be amazed (particularly if you're a paper/stationery junkie like me). 

The Our Paper Shop Blog is also a great read and the girls give you a  free (yes free) computer wallpaper for download each month. I currently have their February love themed wallpaper on my laptop now. I love it. 


Go on check it out now!

Happy love, xx


  1. amazing cards!!I l visit it !!thanks for share it!

  2. Naaaww they are adorable. I wish I had a Valentines :( Maybe one year and then he can make me an epic card like that ha!!

    Loving your tweets btw, very funny!

    Oh, and come check out my blog tomorrow (after 9am) and enter the spreets competition to get a chance to win a $25 voucher!! Put towards something fun :)

    Luc X

  3. All the stuff looks so beautiful. Their blogs are beautifully composed as well, I love it.


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