Sunday, February 26, 2012

Always at home.

As if I even needed another reason to want a H&M in Sydney, the Swedish company now has a home range. With something for your kitchen, living room, bedroom and even your bathroom I feel like you could furnish your entire home straight from Sweden. Grab your flat packs from ikea and your furnishings from H&M and your all set. 

Although I could probably find a use for almost everything from the H&M home range I have restrained myself and picked out some of my favorite things to share with you. I really would love one of these stripey towels in my bathroom and obviously couldn't go past these spotty pillows. 
 Colour H&M Home
Storage basket (also in black and pink) £3.99
Cushion cover 50x50 £6.99
Shower towel £12.99
Cushion cover 50x50 £6.99
Storage basket £9.99
Cushion cover 50x50 £6.99


  1. They have some great stuff! COME ON H&M, please comet to Oz.


  2. noooo wayyy!! I am so bummed. Why did i ever leave austria. Australia really needs a H&M (mind u the prices would be ridiculous cause of import tax etc). I had two H&Ms in my town...actually there was prob more, but just in the city centre there was two and it was great.

    I love everything- maybe I should just move back haha!!

    Luc X


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