Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have been so neglectful lately, I'm very sorry to those of you who do check back regularly. But between uni starting again, working so much more and having cousins in town shopping for wedding dresses I have barley even had time to turn the computer on. Last week I even went from Sunday to Friday without even opening my laptop. Okay so I wasn't completely unconnected, having an Iphone means your always connected as I'm sure you know.

Currently looking at a trip to NYC for NYE (haha I just love saying it). So with that in mind I think I'll leave you with some awesome New York Street art that I've found on Pintrest 

1. 2. 

I'll be back soon promise...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rainbow Cake

So first off apologies in advance if this post ends up with photo overload but it's just so pretty and rainbow. I have been waiting for an occasion to make this multi layer rainbow cake and the baby shower I threw, for a friend, the other week was the perfect opportunity. If you saw this post here you know that I went with a rainbow theme for the shower and made lots of decorations too. So anyway I was baking pretty much all week after reading Smitten Kitchens tips for making layer cakes over here I thought I was pretty pro.  

The most important part of making a layer cake is getting a flat surface on top so the layers go together smoothly. And also trying not to eat all the left over bits.

I always like to use jam and cream to go between my layers, I think in a cake this size if you used icing for between the layers as well as covering the outside would be a bit of icing overload.  

It gives the best final result if you do a first 'crumb layer' of icing before the layer that will be visible. This layer is thin, just thick enough to stop crumbs from coming through to the outside layer of icing. 

I was pretty happy with how it looked but if I were to do it again I would cut the top layer to the same size as the others as well. I just didn't really think about it among all the other stuff I was doing.